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Insidious: Chapter 2 movie release date

Insidious is the sleeper hit that put astral projection on the movie map. Astral projection is a spiritual device that has been practiced as far back as the Egyptian times - possible even further to the beginning of mankind. We can't pinpoint the history of astral projection, an act referred to as an out of body experience - leaving the physical via an astral body.

Leigh Whannell is penciling the sequel to his astral projection movie. James Wan is set to direct Insidious 2, the astral horror movie that turned a $1.5 million dollar production budget into nearly a $100 million worldwide hit. Insidious: Chapter 2 is on tap with a movie release date: August 30, 2012.

Insidious: Chapter 2 movie details remain top secret. As Insidious spoilers surface, we will upload them on PlotSpoiler.com and possibly here. There is a lot of excitement to see astral projection in action. Movies like Insidious are far and few. Psychic Killer, The Astral Factor, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Shocker, and time travel movies execute astral projection quite well.

Insidious 2 is slated for an August 30, 2012 movie release date. It is expected to open with record numbers for a horror movie. Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson and Lin Shaye are set to return in this much anticipated horror sequel.

Get ready to astral project again to The Further.

New Insidious Chapter 2 release date: September 13, 2013

The Astral Factor: Astral Projection movie from the movie vault

We located The Astral Factor in the SFFWorld.com forum. The Astral Factor is an old paranormal movie with astral projection as its central theme. We also heard this movie is terrible, the worst movie ever made. Nonetheless, The Astral Factor is an astral projection movie, one of the oldest to depict astral projection on the silver screen.

The Astral Factor plot is about a man who partakes in astral projection to strangle women. This serial killer astral projects out of his jail cell to terrorize these women to seek revenge. The women unknowingly have no idea of an invisible presence stalking them. The mysteries behind The Astral Factor movie confront how to do astral projection and whether the act is a curse on metaphysics. 

Psychic Killer is an astral projection movie which resembles The Astral Factor, albeit the movie about astral travel executes astral projection much better to create thrills and chills. The Astral Factor is rated a 3.7 on IMDb's movie meter out of 333 ratings. Beware of this movie, because a low rating such as 3.7 is a good indication that this movie is really bad. 

If you want to watch astral projection on the silver screen, then The Astral Factor is an oldie worth test driving. With Insidious 2 in development (August 30, 2013 movie release date), astral projection will emerge as a top horror sub-genre. 

The Astral Factor can be purchased below. Enjoy watching this astral projection movie, as you will likely get a kick out of the cheesy special effects. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Possessed People: Can astral projection cause possession?

Astral projection is a metaphysical phenomenon. Most astral projection experts claim leaving the physical body via an astral body is safe. The main concern with astral projection is whether leaving the physical body can expose people to demonic possession. Are possessed people involved in astral projection?

When we are without an astral body, then we are without a security system to fend off spirits. Ghosts and demon spirits sense vulnerable humans. Astral projection resembles lucid dreaming because the two acts require activating dream senses to move about the astral plane and dream world, respectively.

Possessed people lose control of their mental abilities. They no longer retain the moral values which make them human. However, there are superstitious astral projectors who use candles and prayers to protect their physical body.

Can astral projection cause a person to become possessed? Most astral projection experts indicate inducing an out of body experience is safe. Nonetheless, science views astral projection as an act of science fiction. Can astral projection open dangerous doors to demonic possession?

We will never really know until we confront evil. Hopefully, astral projection is safe and possession is science fiction. But the way we see it, astral projection and demonic possession are as real as religion. If you believe in God, then you have to believe in astral projection and demonic possession.

The facts are set in stone. Astral projection and demonic possession have a real connection. Thanks for reading.


Top 5 astral projection movies

Astral projection is under the radar. Not too many moviegoers understand what is astral projection. Insidious definitely put astral projection on the movie map. With Josh astral projecting into The Further, we finally witnessed an exciting new sub-genre emerging within a horror movie sleeper hit.

Astral projection movies are beginning to resurface again. We never focused on astral projection, even when watching the best horror movies of the 80's. Movies about astral projection are not as common as time travel movies, but there are past examples of astral travel at work.

Are you interested in watching astral projection movies? Ready to astral project to the subplanes? The top astral projection movies will make moviegoers want to learn astral projection. What are the top 5 astral projection movies?

Top 5 astral projection movies: 
  1. Insidious
  2. Psychic Killer
  3. A Nightmare on Elm Street 
  4. Shocker
  5. The Butterfly Effect

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eye Floaters and Lucid Dreaming

The topic of eye floaters thus transcends time and space. Egyptian artwork conveys eye floaters as the third eye, showing the culmination of lucid dreaming. It is believed that the power of the sun enables the mind to activate lucid dreaming in the night. The Love-Eye-Floaters,blogspot.com website is a quality blog that explores the history of eye floaters in a unique way. Their articles tap into metaphysical themes.

Lucid dreaming is depicted in Inception. Inception entered a world that A Nightmare on Elm Street materialized with lucid dreaming and the out of body experience. As a result, Inception is now considered one of the most successful dream movies ever. 

Egyptian art reveals possible astral travel. As the authors discusses, eye floaters explore our fascination with the mind

The Eye Floaters and Lucid Dreaming article is a great read. Ready to activate lucid dreaming tonight? Read Love-Eye-Floaters's Eye Floaters and Lucid Dreaming post below:  

As we know the eye floaters (concentric circles and lines) can be seen very clearly when we both gaze and squint beneath the sun at sunrise or sunset. In other words we can obtain some rainbow-colored visions (Togal Vision) by practicing looking at the rays of the sun (but not directly at the sun) at sunrise or sunset. By practicing for some time can stimulate the pineal gland and cause intensive lucid dreaming during upcoming night sleeping. Thus the lucid dreaming can be stimulated by looking at eye floaters under the sun rays. The eye floaters and rainbow-colored visions can also be seen in the dark by means of a practice called "dark retreat" (as name suggest it is done in the dark) with which we are not familiar.  But we can see them when we focus on our visual field the very moment we drift off to sleep (at the edge of sleep). During this time the center of vision or conscious awareness resides close to the Etheric plane (which from spiritual point of view is a higher vibrational plane of universal continuum of energy).
But from materialistic view we would say the visions may be productions of the unconscious physical brain. Or we can see few light emitted by the eye itself because cells communicate by means of light.

Base on the speculation that the serpent in ancient Egypt is a representation of the long-stranded and circle-patterned floater we can speculate further that pharaohs could have practiced a form of the dark retreat. Ancient Egyptians could enter into the center of their respective pyramids, completely removed from light and have rainbow-colored visions and maybe prancing astral travel. Let examine the picture below. 

 In the picture we see the concentric circle (symbol of sun) which is located above the head of the Egyptian man or pharaoh. Also the Symbol of sun is between the eyes of Horus which means that the third eye can be activated from the sun. The Serpent may represent the long stranded-floaters.

The most interesting thing is the snake with wings and the pharaoh above it. We know by observing the eye floaters that they flies into the sky. This means that the pharaoh can ascend to the stars by means of the floaters. The association of this picture is that the pharaoh can ascend or expand his or her consciousness by means of floaters. Also the symbol of Ankh is present. To our opinion the symbol of Ankh represent the portal to higher vibrational levels of universe beyond the physical world or the portal to astral planes. Thus, Ankh is the symbol of transcending from the physical world to the spirit world. At first, the snake is grounded with legs in front of the symbol of Ankh (physical world). Then, the pharaoh, who is over the snake (serpent), after passing through the Ankh transcends to the stars (spirit world). In other word the pharaoh depicted above the serpent may be a symbol of astral travel.

Some Togal Visions can be obtained by locating the sun at sunset above our head and between the eyebrows. But the Togal Visions can also be produced in the darkness like in the center of the pyramids, completely removed from light (2012).  

Note: This post is a creative work and only for informational purpose.

Website Review:

We hope you enjoyed the lucid dreaming post that Love-Eye-Floaters produced. If you have previously experienced eye floaters, visit Love-Eye-Floaters.blogspot.com to read their perception on why the vitreous moves about the internal eye in various situations. The eye floaters website investigates the theories of eye floaters in relation to the sun, history, energy, dreams, astral projection, etheric plane, and the third eye.  

Ancient Egyptian artwork conveys eye floaters as the third eye, a highly spiritual sense of being. If you have interest in lucid dreaming, the spiritual world, and eye floaters, take the blog for a spin. The writer writes high quality posts which are engaging to all readers. 

Image credit: Love-Eye-Floaters.blogspot.com  

Buy the author's eye floaters e-book The Crystal Eye Floater click here!