Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Insidious: Chapter 2 movie release date

Insidious is the sleeper hit that put astral projection on the movie map. Astral projection is a spiritual device that has been practiced as far back as the Egyptian times - possible even further to the beginning of mankind. We can't pinpoint the history of astral projection, an act referred to as an out of body experience - leaving the physical via an astral body.

Leigh Whannell is penciling the sequel to his astral projection movie. James Wan is set to direct Insidious 2, the astral horror movie that turned a $1.5 million dollar production budget into nearly a $100 million worldwide hit. Insidious: Chapter 2 is on tap with a movie release date: August 30, 2012.

Insidious: Chapter 2 movie details remain top secret. As Insidious spoilers surface, we will upload them on PlotSpoiler.com and possibly here. There is a lot of excitement to see astral projection in action. Movies like Insidious are far and few. Psychic Killer, The Astral Factor, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Shocker, and time travel movies execute astral projection quite well.

Insidious 2 is slated for an August 30, 2012 movie release date. It is expected to open with record numbers for a horror movie. Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson and Lin Shaye are set to return in this much anticipated horror sequel.

Get ready to astral project again to The Further.

New Insidious Chapter 2 release date: September 13, 2013

The Astral Factor: Astral Projection movie from the movie vault

We located The Astral Factor in the SFFWorld.com forum. The Astral Factor is an old paranormal movie with astral projection as its central theme. We also heard this movie is terrible, the worst movie ever made. Nonetheless, The Astral Factor is an astral projection movie, one of the oldest to depict astral projection on the silver screen.

The Astral Factor plot is about a man who partakes in astral projection to strangle women. This serial killer astral projects out of his jail cell to terrorize these women to seek revenge. The women unknowingly have no idea of an invisible presence stalking them. The mysteries behind The Astral Factor movie confront how to do astral projection and whether the act is a curse on metaphysics. 

Psychic Killer is an astral projection movie which resembles The Astral Factor, albeit the movie about astral travel executes astral projection much better to create thrills and chills. The Astral Factor is rated a 3.7 on IMDb's movie meter out of 333 ratings. Beware of this movie, because a low rating such as 3.7 is a good indication that this movie is really bad. 

If you want to watch astral projection on the silver screen, then The Astral Factor is an oldie worth test driving. With Insidious 2 in development (August 30, 2013 movie release date), astral projection will emerge as a top horror sub-genre. 

The Astral Factor can be purchased below. Enjoy watching this astral projection movie, as you will likely get a kick out of the cheesy special effects.